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**please keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click the links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, the commissions I get help me pay for my baking. 

I started baking macarons after watching a YouTube video by cupcake Jemma and Dan. I heard so many myths about macarons “it takes about 4 days” “you can’t eat them straight away” and bla-bla- bla. Macarons come with so many myths. In a futur post I will debunk them so subscribe to keep updated.



Macarons are so easy to make once your technique is mastered. They are the perfect almond biscuit with a soft inside and a slight bit. The only way to describe them is as macarons

I must admit I didn’t hit the road running. There were many failed attempts but once I got it down. I couldn’t stop. I searched for the products that will take your macarons to the next step.



1.When it comes to macarons some people use baking parchment, some use silicone mats. silicone is none stick.  If you are looking for some I like these. 


2. Piping bags are needed to pipe the macaron mix onto the mats. You can buy reusable piping bags or disposable.  


3.When making macarons or meringue-based bakes. Metal bowls allows to get left over grease off. Egg whites cannot meet grease, or they will not mix well.


4. Cooling wracks are a must for cooling cakes, macarons basically everything. I like these ones because. I like these because you can pile them up to save space 


5.Food colouring? Are are so many to chose from. Gel food colouring is so much better than liquid. Why? Because the colour is concentrated and doesn’t change the consistency. 


If you are making Italian macarons you will need a sugar thermometer. The sugar needs to be a certain temperature.

Love Becca 

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